WideSky for Buildings

A new type of integrating system that is capable of spanning both legacy and IoT worlds.

The Problem

The Building Management System dominates the 20 or more intelligent subsystems that are being supplied with modern buildings and was designed to manage the most expensive, dynamic system in the building: the HVAC system.

However, they are typically ill-equipped to integrate and manage all of the other subsystems and they are in an even poorer position to cater for the new IoT technologies that are becoming much more prevalent in buildings to provide more granular control of comfort, wellness and productivity systems.

The number of sensors is exploding.

A new type of integrating system is required that is capable of spanning both legacy and IoT worlds.

This is WideSky for Buildings.

Our Solution

WideSky for Buildings connects to every subsystem through a standard, open interface. It provides a data repository for the integration of these systems into a single Project Haystack data model converting raw data into actionable information. This creates a single point of truth for all processes: visualisation, reporting, applications, analytics.

All of this data can be visualised in a single dashboard per building, or at a wider portfolio level. It makes the information available to tenants on their mobile devices and has real-time control capability for supervisory control functions. WideSky for Buildings can be run on-premise or hosted in the cloud for reduced cost and increased flexibility and scalability, without any loss of data security or privacy.

WideSky Benefits

Improve asset efficiency, productivity and competitiveness

Improve efficiency through integrated monitoring and control of all sub-systems while benchmarking across your enterprise

Improve tenant retention, personal productivity and wellness through improved environment and comfort

Make better decisions with contextualised data via a friendly visualisation and management toolset without data analysts

Encourage tenant participation in the operation, efficiency and CO2 reduction process with the real-time TenantView app

Ability to improve competitiveness through higher Greenstar and NABERS ratings

Born in the cloud, with Haystack inside

We know the power that Haystack has to offer, and that’s why we’ve been on board since our inception. Working together with the Haystack community, our team has integrated this cutting edge semantic model into a simple cloud solution that makes data management more user friendly than ever before.

WideSky Takes Niagara to the cloud

With a simple plugin you can securely stream data from Niagara devices to WideSky – it’s not hard to see why the future of building operational data lives in the cloud.

Easy set-up gets you going in minutes with no devs required

Fully leverage Haystack for analytics and monitoring

Find out how our smart technology can power your business

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