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The sky's the limit.

A real-time data platform specifically designed for infrastructure and industry.




Scalable, intelligent and easily tailored to your needs, WideSky® is optimised to manage large device populations and even bigger volumes of time series data, with super high-speed messaging throughout the cloud.


WideSky is designed with users in mind - putting you in control, without compromising on performance or price.

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How it works

How it worksHow it works

What makes WideSky different?

Superior Speed + Performance
Superior Performance + Speed
Customisation + Control
Customisation + Control
Highly Cost Effective
Intelligent Data Modelling
Intelligent Data Modelling

Ideally suited to

Intelligent Buildings
Intelligent buildings
Energy management
Energy management
Renewable energy monitoring
Renewable energy monitoring
Smart lighting
Smart lighting
Smart metering
Smart metering
Data centres
Data centres
Smart cities
Smart cities
Smart grid
Smart Grid


Connect any type of sensor device or system using one of our pre-integrated data acquisition devices or a number of open protocols. You can even create your own interface using one of our APIs.

  • Energy meters
  • Street lights
  • Data loggers
  • Building management systems
  • Plant control systems
  • More - just ask


Scale, speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of WideSky's time-series data store.

  • Holds billions of data points
  • Accepts millions of data points per second
  • Each data point is time-stamped to microsecond accuracy
  • Capture and stream your sensor data in real-time, or upload it in batches

If you're an application developer, talk to us about hosting your apps on WideSky.


We understand that the context surrounding data is just as important as the data itself, which is why WideSky is also designed to capture the relationships between your sensor devices, within the context of your facility.

This approach allows automated analytics tools to understand the structure of your plant and equipment, and apply appropriate analytics, such as reconciliation figures or performance coefficients. Create calculated (virtual) data points to define your performance metrics once, and see them applied automatically and consistently across your business.

You can use one of our customisable templates for buildings (e.g. Project Haystack), process plants (e.g. ISA95), power distribution networks (e.g. CIM/ SCL as used by IEC61850); or create your own as required.


Using WideSky's semantic model to describe your data makes it very easy to implement software tools that analyse it. The relationship between meters and sub-meters, for example, makes it much simpler to reconcile energy consumption and alert on discrepancies. And our open APIs allow for virtually limitless flexibility in implementing tools that sit on top of the data platform, tailored to suit your particular needs.

We also have a number of pre-existing tools for reporting, alerting and anomaly detection that can be integrated into WideSky with minimal effort. In time, these will be built directly into the platform, but until then, talk to us about how we can create a custom solution to address your requirements.


WideSky is designed with users in mind, and can be easily extended to meet the specific needs of your business. We provide dash-boarding and many other tools as standard, or you can build your own bespoke applications using our API. These applications remain private and available to you alone.

Security & Availability

WideSky is specifically designed to maximise security and network availability at all times. Most Internet of Things (IoT) devices connect directly to the Cloud, which means that when the Internet connection goes down, so do your devices.

WideSky is different. Our 3-tier architecture protects your data with multiple layers of redundancy and fail-safes.

Higher Availability: Devices are grouped into autonomous clusters, so if one group goes down, you won’t lose the whole system
More Tolerant: The integration of Edge Computing into our devices makes them more tolerant to any loss of internet connection.
Better Security: Our embedded devices are shielded by 3 tiers of protection – rather than just one – making them harder to hack.


WideSky is a highly flexible and easily customised platform, designed with users in mind.

We work with a number of partners and customers across Australia to create specialised data management solutions for infrastructure and industry. Talk to us today about what WideSky can do for you.

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Speak with our team today about the best option for your business.

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