The Future's in the cloud

WideSky is a specialised, real-time data platform designed to meet the unique needs of infrastructure and Industry.

Scalable, intelligent and easily tailored to your needs, WideSky is optimised to manage large device populations and even bigger volumes of time series data, with super high-speed messaging throughout the cloud.

Ideally Suited to:

  • Digital Buildings
  • Smart Cities
  • Utilities
  • Data Centres
  • Digital Mining


Scale to Billions of data points with speed and accuracy.


Powerful streaming analytics to help you find the insights hidden within your data.

Asset Models

Understand the context surrounding your data to unlock its true value using Haystack.

Real-Time Control

Securely perform low latency control of devices connected at the edge.

Edge Support

Use our edge devices or APIs to connect any type of sensor, device or system.

Custom Tools

Extend and easily meet the specific needs of your business.

A simple and scalable IoT solution

WideSky is designed with users in mind, and can be easily extended to meet the specific needs of your business.

  • Easily connect IoT devices or legacy systems
  • Store Billions of data points with millisecond accuracy
  • Empower your users with insights into their own data
  • Leverage a complete IoT solution with no developers required
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere on any device

Tolerant & Reliable

More Tolerant | Higher Availability

WideSky is specifically designed to maximise network availability at all times. Most IoT devices connect directly to the cloud, which means that when the Internet connection goes down, so do your devices. WideSky is different. Our 3-tier architecture protects your data with multiple layers of redundancy and fail-safes.

Private & Secure

Empower your users | Flexible Options

WideSky is designed and operated to ensure your data remains private and secure. Its Authentication and Authorisation features allow for secure control of devices from the cloud and empowering your users by giving them access their own data. When data sovereignty is a concern, you have a choice of host location, or you can even host WideSky on your premises.

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WideSky takes Niagara to the cloud.

With a simple plugin you can securely stream data from Niagara devices to WideSky – it’s not hard to see why the future of building operational data lives in the cloud.

  • Easy set-up gets you going in minutes with no devs required
  • Fully leverage Haystack for analytics and monitoring
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Born in the cloud, with Haystack inside.

We know the power that Haystack has to offer, and that’s why we’ve been on board since our inception. Working together with the Haystack community, our team has integrated this cutting edge semantic model into a simple cloud solution that makes data management more user friendly than ever before.

Ideally suited to

Our Partners

We work with a number of partners and customers across Australia to create specialised data management solutions for infrastructure and industry.