WideSky delivers IoT solutions to businesses across the globe.

Originating in Queensland Australia, WideSky was established from VRT Systems, a business with over 30 years experience in industrial information solutions.

Our business today (proudly owned by LPA Energy Group) has offices located around the world and provides a wide range of IoT solutions to customers across the commercial, industrial and energy sectors.

We are able to deliver at scale anywhere around the world.


We are proud to have ISO accreditation for ISO 9001: Quality, ISO 14001: Environmental and ISO 45001: Safety.

We are a proud participant in the NYC Accelerator Service Provider Program. NYC Accelerator is a program of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice designed to mobilize real estate stakeholders on a pathway to decarbonization, meet compliance with local building energy laws, and improve the health and safety of New  York City’s one million buildings.
As an NYC Accelerator Service provider, WideSky supports projects to reduce energy and water consumption and reduce New York City’s carbon emissions.

Our People

John Meehan – CEO 

John has over 50 years of experience delivering industrial information solutions, starting with the transition of analogue to digital systems in the 1970s through to current trends such as IoT, big data, cloud and advanced analytics.

John has worked in various industries including resources, manufacturing, government, transport and buildings industries. His functional experience covers instrumentation (sensors), control systems, SCADA, MES, IoT and integration with ERP systems.

The life of an entrepreneur is always an interesting one. Several of Johns previous startups delivered valuable lessons. His three current, closely integrated businesses, including WideSky.Cloud Pty Ltd, are highly successful and growing rapidly.

John has always ensured that his staff incorporates the right balance of operational and information technology skills and experience, essential in this modern world of IoT and big data systems.

When John is able to take a break from his love of technology, he can be found exploring the world from the seat of his motorbike. His favourite overseas game is “spot the speed camera.”

Patrick Coffey – CTO 

Patrick has over 15 years experience bringing the strategic thinking and innovation to clients in the resources, energy, transport, manufacturing and construction sectors to improve operational efficiency, business continuity and safety.

With a Bachelors degree in Mechatronics Engineering and software development background, Patrick solidified his operational technology experience delivering industrial automation, supervisory control and information systems for almost eight years.

Leading the technology department in WideSky since its inception, Patrick balances his operational and information technology experience to bring new IoT products and solutions to customers in the energy, building and industrial sectors.

Solving problems with practical and innovative technology is a passion for Patrick.

Away from his profession, Patricks an ice hockey tragic who’s still waiting for his call-up to the “big-leagues”. Patrick also enjoys coaching hockey, mountain biking, and wrangling his young family.

Bev Meehan – CFO 

Bev has managed a wide variety of technology businesses for 40 years. She took on the role of CFO of WideSky at its inception and was a fundamental force behind the establishment of the Company.

Throughout her career, Bev has gained considerable management, financial and leadership experience in computer based learning, industrial systems integration and energy management.

Bev holds a Masters of Business in Applied Finance from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

Ever the loyal partner, Bev sits on the back of John’s motor bike to ensure he doesn’t get too lost in places like the wilds of Russia, and performs like a kangaroo to get him out of speeding fines in Morocco.

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