End-to-end IoT solutions for infrastructure and industry

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WideSky is an end-to-end suite of systems designed to provide operational data and advanced analytics for the unique needs of Energy, Buildings and Industry.

Scalable, intelligent and easily tailored to your needs, WideSky is optimised to manage large sensor populations and even bigger volumes of operational data, with super high-speed messaging throughout the cloud.

Connect legacy data silos or IoT sensors across your enterprise, perform advanced asset-based analytics, achieve simple data access to your business systems and even provide tenants with real-time insights to own data.

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WideSky Cloud

The data platform designed to meet the unique needs of Energy, Buildings and Industry

WideSky Edge

The 'Swiss army knife' for the IoT world. Edge is included as part of a WideSky package.

WideSky Hub

Seamlessly connect and control your sensors from the cloud


Empower owners and tenants with real-time insights

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