Widesky for Energy

Helps provide the “grid of the future”.

The Problem

Rapid digitisation is enabling the disruption of the traditional utility sectors. Narrow, siloed systems are being introduced into this arena at a fast rate, improving some aspects and hindering others.

WideSky for Energy is a modern, born-in-the-cloud data management system that can underpin the business processes of the industry’s emerging suppliers. The WideSky Hub, wireless mesh devices provide an economical, low-risk approach to restoring AEMO compliance to legacy systems.

The WideSky for Energy platform helps provide the “grid of the future”.

Our Solution

WideSky for Energy is a sophisticated IoT energy management system, that collects data from all metering devices for all utility types and makes it available to business applications, including integrated billing, energy efficiency and sustainability reporting systems.

WideSky for Energy has real-time control capability for demand response and smart grid control applications, helping to ensure lower energy pricing and improving grid stability.

This real-time data can be made available to tenants on their mobile devices.

WideSky IoT Energy Management Benefits

Ensuring AEMO compliant embedded network infrastructure

Our IoT energy management system reduces costs for tenants

Multiple utility costs available in a single bill, reducing tenant frustration and improving understanding

TenantView App encourages tenant participation in the CO2 reduction process

Retailers can integrate renewable energy sources without increasing tenant costs

Better commercial outcomes for retailers

Improved grid transparency and stability for the grid operator

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