WideSky Hub

Seamlessly connect and control your sensors from the cloud.


Reliable and scalable data infrastructure

WideSky Hub gives you easy and economical access to your data by forming a highly resilient wireless mesh network that removes the need for hardwired cables.

With on-board data logging, banking-class public-key cryptography, and a seamless interface with WideSky Cloud, the WideSky Hub ensures data continuity.



Quickly build a vast network of sensors with minimal installation time while unlocking access to new streams of data that were previously not feasible.


Retain control of your network while reducing telco costs with your private IP based mesh network. Support up to 250 nodes in a single mesh that can self-heal and reconfigure with no single point of failure.


Our commissioning tools and long-range mesh networking make it easy to integrate a range of different sensors while simplifying previously complicated wired solutions.


At least one Border router required per mesh

WideSky Hub - Thread 1S

  • 1 x Port RS-485

WideSky Hub - Thread 2C

  • 2 x RS-485 ports
  • 2 x Digital inputs
  • 2 x Latching relay control
  • 2 x Solenoid valve control

WideSky Border Router*

Required for each Wireless Mesh

  • Ethernet

Cloud Subscriptions

Pair with a WideSky Cloud subscription below or connect to your own WideSky Cloud Instance (priced separately)





Number of WideSky Hub Data Points *




Minimum logging interval


5 min

1 min

Data storage in WideSky cloud platform

Basic WideSky Water and Energy Report

Custom Dashboards and reports




Real-time control of the relay and solenoid valves



Requires 2 x Border Routers per mesh



$3 per hub/month

$6 Per hub/month

Key Features


The WideSky Hub easily supports node-to-node distance of up to 200m line of sight or link through 2 office building floors.

Flexible IO

Built-in IO for connecting your sensors:

  • 2 x RS-485 ports
    • Modbus RTU Logging, or
    • Serial to Ethernet gateway
  • 2 x Digital inputs (with pulse mode option)
  • 2 x Latching relay control
  • 2 x Solenoid valve control


Design with open standards to maximise interoperability:

  • Data Transmission and WideSky Cloud interface - CoAP
  • Networking and Security - Thread Protocol (pre-certified) and IPv6
  • Time synchronisation - NTP

Real-time control

Securely perform low latency control of sensors directly from WideSky Cloud.


A supercapacitor backed real-time clock ensures all locally logged data is precisely time-stamped.

Centrally Managed

Maintain all WideSky Hubs centrally from WideSky Cloud with configuration downloads and OTA firmware updates.

Technical Specifications

Wireless Compatibility 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN
Security AES 128/256 SHA2, Thread (pre-certified)
Connector SMA Female
Serial Communication Port Type RS-485 2-wire
Protection 15kV ESD Isolation
Pulse Inputs Port Type Digital Input (Wet)
Compatibility Dry contact Reed switch
Protection 8KV ESD Isolation
Control Output Electrical Two Coil Bi-Stable Latching
Water Single Coil Bi-Stable Latching
Voltage Supply Voltage
Current 1.2A Nominal
General LED Indicators
  • System: Power, Error

  • Network: Connectivity, Error

  • Serial: Tx/Rx

  • Pulse: Pulse Rx

  • Control Status

Real-time Clock Supercapacitor Backed (3 Months)
Memory 16Mb Flash
Power Input 7-28VDC
Consumption 7W (31W During Control)
Mechanics Enclosure ABS with mounting hardware
Mounting DIN-rail
Dimensions 32x160x115mm (WxHxD)
Weight 0.3kg
Environment Operating Temp -20 to +75 °C
Humidity 5-95% RH
Regulatory Approvals ACMA RCM
Standards Compliance
  • MPE 2014


  • AS/NZS4268:2017

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