WideSky for Industry


The Problem

Existing monitoring and control systems are generally a good fit for purpose. They have consumed considerable asset costs and commissioning resources. However, modern business processes increasingly require access to data from multiple subsystems that are often difficult to integrate.

Modern business processes are becoming more data-driven and new generation IoT devices are best suited for this.

Industry requires an overarching integration platform that supports well-established legacy systems, as well as new IoT systems.

This is WideSky for Industry.

Our Solution

WideSky for Industry manages operational data from all types of legacy and IoT sub-systems and makes it available for various business applications.

The real-time control capability allows for supervisory control of equipment while the friendly advanced analytics empowering your existing personnel to make better data-driven decisions.

With industrial-grade data security and on-premise hosting options, WideSky for Industry can easily meet any demanding situation.

WideSky Benefits

Improve your decisions by bridging operational data silos and contextualising your data

Access increasingly important remote and mobile assets

Empower your business with consistent visualisation and data management tools

Improved productivity and safety through integrated monitoring and supervisory control

Reducing the need for specialised personnel with our user-friendly analytical tools

Maintaining your social licence to operate with higher data and reporting visibility

Find out how our smart technology can power your business

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