WideSky Cloud


The data platform designed to meet the unique needs of Energy, Buildings and Industry.

Bring meaning to your operational data

WideSky Cloud is a fully-managed platform handling all of your operational data allowing you to focus on unlocking the value.

Connect vast populations of sensors and develop comprehensive models of how they interact with their physical environment. Leverage our powerful platform to build asset-based analytics and generate data insights.


WideSky Cloud gives you scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of your business.

Easily connect and contextualise millions of different sensors and generate insights using our analytical tools.

  • Securely monitor, manage and control your sensors and systems from the cloud
  • Empower your users with self-service analytics
  • Couple with WideSky Edge for on-premises intelligence


WideSky Cloud enables you to ensure business continuity while handling massive amounts of real-time data without specialised IT resources.

Build reusable and highly scalable insights without software developers using our friendly analytics.

Utilise our partner network for bespoke integrations to your business.


WideSky Cloud keeps your data private and secure. Our encryption, access control and hardened APIs, allow safe management and control of devices from the cloud.

If data sovereignty is a concern, you can choose your global datacentre location or host on-premises.

Key Features


Store data from millions of sensors. Perform complex queries to extract information in seconds.


Use our friendly interface to construct instant insights through our query pipelines, with over 25 available functions.

Asset Models

Understand data context and unlock its real value using industry-standard data models such as Project Haystack.

Real-Time Control

Securely perform low latency control of devices using message queueing technology.

Calculation Engine

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning tools with our data processing and calculation engine.

Role-Based Access Control

Have complete authority of your data to manage organisations, users and metadata with reusable RBAC rules.

Streamlined Integrations

Reduce time with Integrating your existing building systems, such as Niagara and Haystack, by using our plugins.

Connect Anything

Use WideSky Edge, WideSky Hub, or our APIs to connect any sensor, device or legacy system.


Extend WideSky Cloud to meet the specific needs of your business by using our code libraries, or connect apps via our standardised project-haystack API, such as DGLux5 and Tableau.

3rd Party Integrations

WideSky Cloud can seamlessly integrate with 3rd party software and services.

Find out how our smart technology can power your business

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