Luxury Apartments

Case Study - Energy Management

The Project

LendLease built two luxury apartment complexes as part of the first release of Barangaroo South. The 159 units housed inside the two waterfront buildings, Anadara and Alexander, were released for sale in August 2013 and sold out within three-and-a-half hours.

Our Solution

WideSky was contracted to supply an energy management system inside the two boutique residential buildings. VRT, WideSky’s implementation partner, deployed WideSky Edge throughout the premises.

The suite of software was created to provide reliable operational data solutions. Because each apartment has six utility metres, approximately 6900 monitoring devices were installed to collect readings at five-minute logging intervals. They were installed as close to each piece of industrial hardware as possible, allowing the most accurate and reliable data to be routinely pushed to WideSky Cloud for analysis.

WideSky Cloud validates and encodes the data into the regulated standard formats, and then collects and stores the files for it to then be securely collected by the building services provider.

Here is a detailed list of the infrastructure WideSky Edge communicates with and records data of:

  • CET energy meters and data loggers
  • EDMI billing meters
  • Siemens thermal meters
  • Six meters per apartment, for power, potable, hot and recycled water, thermal heating and cooling
  • Local data storage for pulse and memoryless energy meters
  • Concentrators to minimise cabling
  • CET PecStar Energy Management System for use by facilities management
  • WideSky Cloud and the wider network.


The Outcome

This was the first time LendLease had successfully employed the “metering subcontractor” contract model. The builder directly managed this subcontractor, VRT Systems, rather than the traditional approach of the metering system forming part of the larger electrical contractor’s work package.

VRT delivered this project on time and on budget. Due to the successful implementation of this model on the first stage of Barangaroo South, the model is now being used routinely by Lendlease on other major projects, including even larger stages of the Barangaroo redevelopment.


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