John Meehan

John Meehan


lives in: Brisbane, Australia

John has over 50 years of experience delivering industrial information solutions, starting with the transition of analogue to digital systems in the 1970s through to current trends such as IoT, big data, cloud and advanced analytics.

John has worked in various industries including resources, manufacturing, government, transport and buildings industries. His functional experience covers instrumentation (sensors), control systems, SCADA, MES, IoT and integration with ERP systems.

The life of an entrepreneur is always an interesting one. Several of Johns previous startups delivered valuable lessons. His three current, closely integrated businesses, including WideSky.Cloud Pty Ltd, are highly successful and growing rapidly.

John has always ensured that his staff incorporates the right balance of operational and information technology skills and experience, essential in this modern world of IoT and big data systems.

When John is able to take a break from his love of technology, he can be found exploring the world from the seat of his motorbike. His favourite overseas game is “spot the speed camera.”

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