WideSky - The Project Haystack platform

Streamline your IoT solutions by combining your devices, sensors and data into a single Project Haystack data model that allows you to build reusable and highly scalable data insights.

What is WideSky?

WideSky is an end-to-end suite of systems designed to provide operational data solutions and advanced analytics. We implement the Project Haystack standards that help unlock the value of your energy, environmental and building data. Coupled with our partner network, we can implement future-proofed, well-supported solutions tailored to your business on a global scale.

Rich time-series analytics

Build reusable and highly scalable insights without software developers using our friendly analytics.

Massive scale and performance

Build enterprise solutions for millions of sensors. Perform complex queries to extract insights in seconds.

On-premise, edge or cloud.

Connect and control modern IoT sensors, legacy Building Management Systems and everything in between.

Powered by Project Haystack

Leverage the simplicity, maturity and capability of one of the worlds most popular data model standards.

What is Project Haystack?

Learn more about one of the worlds most popular data model standards and why it matters.


Why WideSky?

End-to-end IoT solutions for infrastructure and industry. Get a better understanding of how WideSky works.


WideSky and Project Haystack gives you

Structured data

Connect vast populations of sensors and develop comprehensive models of how they interact with their physical environment. The context surrounding the data is captured via standardised tags and relationships, making it vastly easier to manage.

Advanced queries

Our query tools combine Haystack filters and GraphQL in a friendly interface, so you quickly build reusable and highly scalable insights without software developers.

Powerful data processing

Create reusable rules, alarms and data workflows in our easy to use tools. Deploy workflows in the cloud or closer to the data source at the Edge, allowing for increased reliability.

Asset-based analytics

Bring meaning to your operational data and make better decisions by building reusable and highly scalable insights via a friendly visualisation and management toolset without needing data analysts.

Streamlined Integrations

With a simple plugin, you can securely stream data from Niagara devices to WideSky

Easy set-up gets you going in minutes

Fully leverage Haystack for analytics and monitoring


Use the standardised REST API for exchanging data to ease integration headaches for 3rd parties. Easily extend it to meet the specific needs of your business by using our code libraries, or connect apps, such as DGLux5 and Tableau.

Find out how our smart technology can power your business

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