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Power distribution authorities have traditionally used electromechanical maximum demand indicators to get a course measure of how hard their substation transformers are working. These devices provide important asset management information for scheduling maintenance, and in preparing for capacity upgrades. Unfortunately, they provide a single measurement, at a single point in time, and require manual record keeping.

WideSky overcomes these challenges by providing an industrial-grade multi-circuit power meter which can be supplied directly or via an OEM arrangement through a pedestal substation manufacturer.

Our Solution

The WideSky Pedestal Substation Solution is an intelligent and robust multi-circuit meter specifically developed to suit the demanding substation environment and meet its requirements. It comes with an IoT Modem that connects automatically to WideSky Cloud, or to the software solution of choice. Proof of connection and data transfer is available to the installing electrician while on site, for simplified installation and commissioning.

Solution features and benefits:

  • 2 x Mains Inputs, each with 3-phase Voltages and 4-phase Currents
  • Up to a maximum of 21 CTs per Branch, combination of single and 3 phase
  • CT strips and split-core options
  • Measurements include: power, energy, maximum demand, voltage, pf, sag\swell and waveform recordings, status monitoring control and alarming, and many more
  • RTD temperature monitoring of transformer shell and cubicle space
  • Data communications options include: xRS-422/485 & 1xRS-485 with Modbus RTU, x100BaseT with Modbus TCP and SNMP
  • IoT Modem connecting directly to WideSky Cloud or software solution of choice
  • Embedded Web Interface for complete data access and configuration
  • Optional colour HMI
  • Onsite data storage to ensure data is never lost


Since 2015 Endeavour Energy have implemented over 1,500 of these modern, intelligent devices to improve measurement and data collection, providing a broad range of benefits across their organisation, including asset and operational performance.

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