ISO accreditation

Certifying our future

At LPA, we are committed to our brand values.  We strive to provide quality services and contribute to a greener future.  To demonstrate this commitment to all of our partners, we have recently achieved ISO accreditation for Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Safety (ISO 45001) for LPA Energy Group in Australia and the UK.

These three certificates are issued by an independent auditor who confirms that LPA complies with ISO standards and that we have developed, maintained and are committed to continuously improving our business processes.

ISO 9001 attests that LPA remains focused on product and service quality, consistently working towards and meeting customer expectations.

ISO 14001 provides evidence that LPA operates in an environmentally friendly manner and is sustainably focused.

ISO 45001 provides evidence that LPA has implemented and uses a safety management system and demonstrates our ability to manage and address OH&S risks and potential workplace injuries.

We are proud to present these documents as evidence of our continued focus on our mission of creating innovative solutions that make a positive impact.

ISO 9001: Quality, ISO 45001: Safety, ISO 14001: Environment

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