Lighting Control – Casambi Integration

WideSky® seamlessly integrates with Casambi offering a supervisory lighting control & management layer that can seamlessly integrate with other systems.

Lighting control systems such as Casambi focus on delivering the best experience for the users of the illuminated space, WideSky® focus on integrating the lighting control system with other building systems – including other lighting, providing facility managers tools to maximize performance, minimize energy use and simplify maintenance and sustainability reporting from one user-friendly dashboard. WideSky® can also aggregate an unlimited number of sites and systems into a portfolio making it an ideal platform for cities, campuses and property managers.

WideSky® augments Casambi with a world-class historian capturing the operation history of each light with full context, enabling effective analysis & condition-based maintenance. WideSky® provides sophisticated hierarchical messaging and alarms directly or to 3rd party systems.

We’ve designed a smart lighting platform to transform buildings into smart spaces providing the end-user with the information to make operational decisions to improve wellbeing and benefit the environment. The real-time data housed in WideSky® delivers data to the level of detail you need, reporting it how you want, to any device, anywhere in the world.

The key benefits of WideSky® to a Casambi system are:
• Banking class cyber security layer
• Secure role defined user dashboards, accessible from any web-enabled device
• Supervisory control – manual and automated
• Real-time lighting status & fault display
• Reporting, historian and analytics
• System messaging & alarms
• Interoperable & protocol agnostic
• Multi-site aggregation

The Casambi wireless infrastructure provides a secure backbone to enable data collection and analytics for inside or outside a building, for both lighting and non-lighting applications.

Merging smart lighting systems with our WideSky® software management platform brings a new approach to the integration of all aspects of smart building data.

WideSky® measures and monitors anything you want to the level of detail you need, and reports it how you want, to who you want.

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