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Time Series Data

Scale, speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of WideSky's time-series data store:

  • Hold billions of data points
  • Accept millions of data points per second
  • Millisecond timestamping accuracy
  • Perform complex queries to extract insights from the data

Analytics and Data Processing

WideSky has powerful analytics capabilities to help you quickly find the insights hidden within your data.

Streaming Analytics

Our API supports aggregating, selecting and transforming timeseries data on the fly. You can quickly construct insights over huge volumes of data without having to code or use offline spreadsheets.

Calculation engine:

A data processing engine that can perform advanced AI based analytics. Key features include:

  • Anomaly detection
  • Retrospective calculations e.g. ToU calculations
  • Machine learning
  • Custom calculations

Haystack Asset Model

The context surrounding data is just as important as the data itself. WideSky has Haystack asset model capabilities built into it's core.

Key features:

  • Project-Haystack tagging, structure.
  • Extensible tagging and model rules.
  • Easy to use tagging and model management user interface.
  • GraphQL API for performing complex queries and timeseries data in an easy to use manner.

Edge Support

WideSky has support for huge range of devices and protocols used through Smart Building and Cities.


Installation of a small Niagara module is all that’s needed to connect a JACE or Supervisor to WideSky. Data is pushed TLS encrypted, so there is no need to setup complex VPNs.

WideSky Gateways:

WideSky Gateways are industrial edge devices that collect store and upload data to WideSky. It has support for 12 different protocols including:

  • Modbus
  • BACnet
  • M-Bus
  • AMQP


No cloud solution would be complete without API’s that allow anyone to connect. We support:

  • Haystack REST API – Has large support throughout the Buildings industry.
  • GraphQL API – Simplifies working with Haystack asset model and time series data.

Security & Availability

Higher Availability | More Tolerant | Better Security

WideSky is specifically designed to maximise security and network availability at all times. Most Internet of Things (IoT) devices connect directly to the Cloud, which means that when the Internet connection goes down, so do your devices.
WideSky is different. Our 3-tier architecture protects your data with multiple layers of redundancy and fail-safes.

Add on Apps

We provide Grafana and many other tools as standard, or you can build your own bespoke applications using our API. These applications remain private and available to you alone.

You can try some of the applications we’ve built or use:

  • Grafana
  • DGLux
  • Firefly
  • TenantView
  • Tableau

Real-Time Control

WideSky uses messaging protocols to securely perform low latency control of devices connected at the edge. AMQP

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