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WideSky takes Niagara to the cloud.

A simple, secure and scalable IoT solution. Born in the cloud, with Haystack inside.

Time-series data | Analytics | Real-time control | Haystack Asset Models

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The future's in the cloud.

Scalable, flexible, real-time and easily tailored – it’s not hard to see why the future of building management data lives in the cloud. WideSky is the first IoT solution that takes Niagara to these lofty new heights.


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Haystack Inside

We know the power that Haystack has to offer, and that’s why we’ve been on board since the beginning. Working together with Haystack developers, our team has integrated this cutting-edge engine into a simple system that makes your building management more user friendly than ever before.

WideSky is also the only platform using Haystack in the cloud. So if you’re looking for the scalability and control of a cloud-based solution, built with the power of Haystack, look no further than WideSky.


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Why WideSky?

  • Making powerful simple

  • Easy set-up gets you going in minutes with no devs required

  • Fully leverage Haystack for analytics and monitoring

  • Dashboarding based on Grafana

  • Secure & highly scalable, up to billions of data points

  • Ultra low latency

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