Making powerful simple

WideSky is a powerful cloud hosted real-time data platform that is capable of solving a growing number of use cases. It securely stores and structures time series data from your connected devices and equipment. Coupled with a powerful analytics and monitoring application, you can open, collaborate on, alert and visualise your data to build insights for your business or customers.


Easily connect any type of sensor device or system using one of our WideSky Gateways or a number of open protocols. You can even create your own interface using one of our APIs.

  • Energy meters
  • Street lights
  • Data loggers
  • Building management systems
  • Plant control systems
  • Niagara PLCs
  • More – just ask


Scale, speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of WideSky's time-series data store.

  • Holds billions of data points
  • Accepts millions of data points per second
  • Each data point is time-stamped to microsecond accuracy
  • Capture and stream your sensor data in real-time, or upload it in batches


We understand that the context surrounding data is just as important as the data itself, which is why WideSky is also designed to capture the metadata and relationships between your sensor devices, within the context of your facility.

We also have a number of tools for reporting, alerting and anomaly detection.


Using WideSky's semantic model to describe your data makes it very easy to implement software tools that analyse it. The relationship between meters and sub-meters, for example, makes it much simpler to reconcile energy consumption and alert on discrepancies. And our open APIs allow for virtually limitless flexibility in implementing tools that sit on top of the data platform, tailored to suit your particular needs.

This approach allows automated analytics tools to understand the structure of your plant and equipment, and apply appropriate analytics, such as reconciliation figures or performance coefficients.


WideSky is designed with users in mind, and can be easily extended to meet the specific needs of your business. While dash-boarding and many other tools come as standard, you can further enhance capabilities by easily connecting a number of powerful pre-integrated applications, or build your own bespoke connections using our APIs. Get in touch to discuss how we can help connect the apps for your business.

Available Apps

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