load: Make changes to the asset model in WideSky.

widesky-editor load is a wrapper around the read, create, update and delete API end-points. The input file can be either created from scratch, or generated by the dump command.

Usage reference

widesky-editor [-h] [--quiet] [--debug] [--log LOG] [--http-debug]
               [--uri URI] [--tls-verify TLS_VERIFY]
               [--username USERNAME] [--password PASSWORD]
               [--client-id CLIENT_ID] [--client-secret CLIENT_SECRET]
               [--impersonate-as IMPERSONATE] [--output OUTPUT]
               [--yaml] [--csv]
	       load [-h] [--csv-in] filename [filename ...]
  • --csv-in: Input files are in CSV format
  • filename: File names to load instructions from

The files are processed as if logically concatenated together. If --csv-in is specified, then the input files are expected to be in CSV format, otherwise YAML format is assumed.

The --output argument generates a report of what has been changed in the asset model which can be used by other tools. --csv has no effect.