dump: Retrieve entities from a WideSky server and write them to a file.

widesky-editor dump is a wrapper around the read API end-point which writes the entities out in either YAML (default) or CSV format. The output can be either perused directly, or later loaded back in with the load command.

Usage reference

widesky-editor [-h] [--quiet] [--debug] [--log LOG] [--http-debug]
               [--uri URI] [--tls-verify TLS_VERIFY]
               [--username USERNAME] [--password PASSWORD]
               [--client-id CLIENT_ID] [--client-secret CLIENT_SECRET]
               [--impersonate-as IMPERSONATE] [--output OUTPUT]
               [--yaml] [--csv]
               dump [-h] [--id ID] [--filter FILTER]
  • --id ID: Dump an entity by UUID or fully qualified name
  • --filter FILTER: Dump entities that match the given Project Haystack filter

Any number or combination of --id and --filter arguments can be given.

The output format can be selected with --csv or --yaml, and directed to a file using --output, generating files that conform to the widesky-editor CSV or widesky-editor YAML. See Common arguments for details.