Websocket subscription

Receive real-time updates using websockets.


The traditional Project Haystack approach for real-time control is to use the watchPoll end-point, however this may lead to a poor user experience in some circumstances. WideSky provides a websocket-based end-point which clients can subscribe to for receiving update notifications. Clients are free to use either, or both methods for receiving updates as they see fit.

WideSky uses socket.io as a websocket abstraction layer.


URL: https://example.on.widesky.cloud/${WATCH_ID}?Authorization=${ACCESS_TOKEN}

where ${WATCH_ID} is the ID of a Watch object created using watchSub and ${ACCESS_TOKEN} is the access token you use in regular requests (without the Bearer prefix).

Emitted Events


Emitted by the server whenever a point's value changes. The body is a JSON object:

Field Type Value Description
id Ref ID of the point that just changed
curVal See kind tag of point The last read value for the point
curStatus Str The state of the last read, see curStatus
curErr Str Associated error message if the read failed, see curErr, omitted if read successful.
  "id": "r:d9afe4bc-79cb-11e8-84b1-0242ac120003",
  "curVal": "n:128.6915",
  "curStatus": "s:ok"