Update Password

Change the password of the currently logged-in user.

End users normally are not granted privileges for doing update requests on their own account objects and so cannot directly change their passwords. This end-point provides a simple means for a user to change the password for their account.


  • URL: /api/updatePassword

  • Method: POST

  • Request Data Params: A JSON object with the following properties:

    Property Type Value description
    password string New user's password
  • Response: HTTP status code will be 200 OK on success or 400 Bad Request on failure. Human-readable messages are given in plain text.


  • Request

    POST /api/updatePassword HTTP/1.1
    Host: example.on.widesky.cloud
    Authorization: Bearer <authToken>
    Accept: application/json
    Content-Type: application/json
        "newPassword": "let_me_in_now!"
  • Response

    Password updated.