WideSky Cloud REST API Operation details.


Queries basic information about the server.


Queries which operations are available on the server.


Used to query which MIME types are available to read and write grids.


Used for adding new entities.


Read a set of entity records either by id or by a filter.


Modifying existing entity records. It allows you to add new tags, remove existing tags, and modify tag values.


Delete one or more entities matched by ID or matching a filter expression.

History Read

Retrieve historical data from a point entity

History Write

Store historical data in a point

Watch Subscribe

Create or append points bearing the cur tag to a real-time “watch” list.

Watch Poll

Fetch the current values of all points listed on an existing watch list.

Watch Unsubscribe

Close a “watch” list completely, or remove points bearing the cur tag.

Point Write

Write a value to a point bearing the writable tag or view the last written value.

Update Password

Change the password of the currently logged-in user.