The API for editing and controlling entities, and reading / writing time series data. Based on Project Haystack API specification.


The WideSky Cloud REST API exposes a range of functionality to query the asset model, read and write data, and issue commands. It's based on the REST architectural style, and in particular implements a superset of the Project Haystack REST API Specification.


A haystack REST server implements a set of operations (or “ops”). Standard operations are defined to query WideSky, setup subscriptions, or read/write history time series data. Both requests and responses are modelled as grids. Grids are encoded using either ZINC or JSON serialization formats.


All data is exchanged in Project Haystck grids in either ZINC or JSON format.

Ops Summary

A summary of the currently support operations is listed below:

Method URI Haystack Standard WideSky Support Description
About /api/about The about op queries basic information about the server.
Operations /api/ops The ops op queries which operations are available on the server.
Formats api/formats The formats op is used to query which MIME types are available to read and write grids.
Create /api/createRec The createRec op is used to create new entity records in the asset model.
Read /api/read The read op is used to read a set of entity records either by their unique identifier or using a filter.
Update /api/updateRec The updateRec op is used to add, update or delete the tags on a entity records.
Delete /api/deleteRec The deleteRec op is used for deleting entity records either by their unique identifier or using a filter.
Navigate /api/nav The nav op is used navigate a project for learning and discovery. Allowing servers to expose the database in a human-friendly tree (or graph).
Watch Subscribe /api/watchSub The watchSub operation is used to create new watches or add entities to an existing watch.
Watch Unsubscribe /api/watchUnsub The watchUnsub operation is used to close a watch entirely or remove entities from a watch.
Watch Poll /api/watchPoll The watchPoll operation is used to poll a watch for changes to the subscribed entity records.
Point Write /api/pointWrite ✓* The pointWrite op is used to read the current status of a writable point's priority array and optionally write to a given level.
Historical Write /api/hisWrite ✓* The hisWrite op is used to post new time series data to a historised point.
Historical Read /api/hisRead ✓* The hisRead op is used to read time series data from historised point.
Invoke Action /api/invokeAction The invokeAction op is used to invoke an user action on a target entity.
Update Password /api/updatePassword The updatePassword op is used for changing a Widesky user’s password.

* Indicates standard operation is supported with added functionality.


Data serialization formats


WideSky Cloud REST API Operation details.


Impersonating another user

Websocket subscription

Receive real-time updates using websockets.