Build asset-based analytics and generate data insights


The WideSky Cloud analytics and visualization tool is based on the open-source Grafana platform. This tool provides analytics, dashboards, charts and graphs and allows and end-users to create sophisticated monitoring dashboards and templates using an interactive query builder.

Using this tool, you can:

  • Empower end-users with self-service analytics
  • Create sophisticated monitoring dashboards and templates
  • Perform real-time supervisory control of devices
  • Securely service multiple end-customers via a single WideSky Cloud instance
  • Share data insights and knowledge via the web or mobile devices
  • View and administer all of the time series data and asset models

WideSky data plugin

We've extended Grafana to included a feature-rich data plugin for WideSky using the GraphQL API. This plug-in includes a variety of features to assist with the analytics construction, including:

  • An interactive query builder that supports:
    • Contextually aware Project Haystack filter suggestions
    • GraphQL schema introspection and helper text to provide contextually aware choices
  • Support for both time series and table panel types
  • Support for Grafana templates
  • Real-time control buttons

You will be issued with a URI and administrator level credentials. You can use the guides below to understand how to use the plugin.


Configuring the WideSky data source.

Query Builder

A friendly interface that allows you to build sophisticated WideSky queries without typing