Install Editor

How to install WideSky Editor

You can run Editor on macOS, Windows, and 64-bit Linux.



To install editor run this command:

sudo curl -L --fail -o /usr/local/bin/widesky-editor
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/widesky-editor

To test WideSky editor:

widesky-editor --help

You should see the following output:

usage: widesky-editor [-h] [--quiet] [--debug] [--log LOG] [--http-debug]
                      [--uri URI] [--tls-verify TLS_VERIFY]
                      [--username USERNAME] [--password PASSWORD]
                      [--client-id CLIENT_ID] [--client-secret CLIENT_SECRET]
                      [--output OUTPUT] [--yaml] [--csv]
                      {dump,load} ...

Widesky model editing tool

positional arguments:
  {dump,load}           sub-command help
    dump                Dump entity information from the server
    load                Load entity changes into the server

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --quiet               Operate quietly, no output
  --debug               Show debugging information
  --log LOG             Log output
  --http-debug          Show HTTP debugging information
  --uri URI             Server address
  --tls-verify TLS_VERIFY
                        Do we validate the TLS certificate? Either give a path
                        to the CA's certificate, to validate against a
                        specific CA, or if set to "skip"to skip validation.
  --username USERNAME   Log-in username
  --password PASSWORD   Log-in password
  --client-id CLIENT_ID
                        Log-in client ID
  --client-secret CLIENT_SECRET
                        Log-in client secret
  --output OUTPUT       Output file
  --yaml                Output data in YAML format.
  --csv                 Output data in CSV format.


To upgrade you need to pull the latest container. Run the following command:

docker pull wideskycloud/editor


To uninstall WideSky Editor:

sudo rm /usr/local/bin/widesky-editor
docker image rm wideskycloud/editor