Portfolio Example

A multi-customer portfolio architecture that scales as required.


Used to service multiple customers that can each have a portfolio from one to thousands of buildings, this architecture allows you to integrate data from many different buildings into a single platform.


This architecture has the following key benefits:

  • With a single instance of WideSky you can service multiple end-customers.
  • Role-Based Access Control rules are configured to provide each customer group or user access to specific sets of data, e.g. particular regions, buildings, or even a single sensor type.
  • Leverage existing systems and hardware on each site, e.g. Smart meters or Building Management System.
  • Ensure data continuity and reliability with:
    • On-premise data collection and storage.
    • Locally processed alarms and analytics rules.
  • The WideSky Cloud license can be increased as the number of sensors or buildings grow.

Architecture Details

Each building has numerous systems, devices, or sensors that are read by an on-premise instance of WideSky Edge. The role of WideSky Edge is to:

  • Communicate to the on-premise systems and sensors using industry standard or custom protocols
  • Collect and store data locally
  • Push collected data to WideSky Cloud
  • Perform calculations on the collected data, e.g. alarms or virtual calculations and push to WideSky Cloud

The once the data is pushed to WideSky Cloud, you can:

  • Customise asset based data analytics and insights for each customer
  • Provide each customer with a login to view their own data, or access their own data via the WideSky API
  • Extend functionality with additional apps like TenantView


Multi-Site Example

License Details

  • WideSky Cloud: WideSky Cloud requires a license for all cumulative points, (real and virtual), at each building.
  • WideSky Edge: Each instance of WideSky Edge requires a license for:
    • The protocol driver used to communicate to sensors e.g. Modbus or BACNet/IP
    • The datastore module, which primarily allows you to:
      • Store collected data locally and push or backfill to WideSky Cloud
      • Build analytics rules and virtual calculations on locally captured timeseries data

License Summary

For this example the following licenses are required:

Part Number Description Number
WS-C-INS WideSky Cloud Instance Provisioning 1
WS-C-STD-1500 WideSky Cloud Standard. License for 1,500 points. 1
WS-E-WF WideSky Edge Workflow Engine. Includes WideSky Cloud workflow tools. 3
WS-E-DS-500 WideSky Edge Datastore module (Data cache, query and cloud backfill). License for 500 points. 3
WS-E-MB-500 Modbus Protocol (TCP / RTU). Real-Time read. License for 500 points. 2
WS-E-BN-500 BACnet IP Protocol. Real-time read. License for 500 points. 2