Cloud Only Example

A Cloud only architecture that integrates 3rd party cloud silos


Modern third party device and equipment vendors often provide a cloud service bundled with their hardware. These cloud services are often limited in scope and capability to the specific hardware the vendor sells. Integrating this data into a device-agnostic platform like WideSky allows you to combine data feeds from a broad range of sensors and equipment.


This architecture has the following benefits:

  • Existing historical data in the 3rd party cloud service can be leveraged.
  • No upfront costs for on-premise hardware.
  • All WideSky products are provided as a managed service.
  • The WideSky Edge instance is provisioned in the same datacentre as WideSky Cloud for minimised latency and network traffic.

Architecture Details

In this cloud-only architecture, WideSky Edge is used to integrate data from 3rd party cloud systems. Its role is to:

  • Communicate to the 3rd party cloud system.
  • Collect and transfer historical time-series data from the 3rd party cloud system.
  • Push collected data to WideSky Cloud.
  • Perform calculations on the collected data, e.g. alarm or virtual calculations and push to WideSky Cloud.


Cloud Only Example

License Details

WideSky Cloud: WideSky Cloud requires a license for all cumulative points, (real and virtual).

WideSky Edge: This Cloud hosted version of WideSky Edge is provisioned and hosted by WideSky. The required license is dependant on the larger of either:

  • The number of CPU cores required for data processing workloads.
  • The size (number of points) of the datastore module.

License Summary

For this example the following licenses are required:

Part Number Description Number
WS-C-INS WideSky Cloud Instance Provisioning 1
WS-C-STD-5K WideSky Cloud Standard. License for 5,000 points. 1
WS-E-HOST-C8 8 Core Cloud Hosted WideSky Edge. Includes Workflow engine, Datastore module WS-E-DS-5K and 100GB Storage. 1