WideSky Licensing Guide

Architecture and licensing guide for WideSky partners


A WideSky solution can utilise a mix of cloud and on-premise technology to meet a diverse range of data and business goals. To match this flexibility, WideSky product licensing is also customisable, allowing fit for purpose architecture and pricing.

This guide is for WideSky partners, and solution providers to understand the architecture of typical WideSky solutions along with the required products and licenses.

If your solution requirements are more complex, or you need further assistance, please contact our expert team directly.

Typical WideSky Solutions

Within this guide are three common architectures that help explain the required products and licenses. While all architectures are highly scalable, each has various benefits that suit where the source data originates. These architectures can be easily combined or altered to suit specific requirements.

Portfolio Example

A multi-customer portfolio architecture that scales as required.

Cloud Only Example

A Cloud only architecture that integrates 3rd party cloud silos

WideSky Hub Example

An architecture that uses WideSky Hubs to wirelessly connect sensors and actuators

WideSky Product catalogue

A list of all WideSky products, licenses and services


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