Launching into the cloud

Launching into the cloud

Welcome to the newly improved WideSky website and Blog!

WideSky is a cloud hosted real-time data platform that’s digitally transformed businesses throughout Australia for a number of years. It’s a proven and ridgy-didge Internet of Things solution in a world where overcoming general IoT adoption barriers and choosing the right technology is a difficult task.

We’re proud to have used it in:

  • Digital Buildings
  • Smart Cities
  • Utilities
  • Data Centres, and
  • Digital Mining

All this work has sure kept us busy, but eating our own dog food has helped us develop WideSky into a solution that satisfies both our engineers and our customers.

As we begin our journey to take WideSky into a worldwide market, we’re excited to bring you this blog, as it will update you on news, product announcements and articles on data analytics and IoT. You can subscribe in the form below to hear more from us, we’ll be back soon with more blog updates.



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Leading the technology department in WideSky since its inception, Patrick balances his operational and information technology experience to bring new IoT products and solutions to customers in the energy, building and industrial sectors.

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